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Total Lack Of Oxygen Kills Within Minutes

If You Think Shallow Breathing Has No Effect On The Body

Think Again…

Abdominal Breathing Goes Against The Simple Mechanics Of The Ribcage And Diaphragm.  Abdominal Breathing Is Shallow Breathing Even In A Relaxed State, As It Negatively Effects Every Aspect Of Health, Wellness, And Vitality. 


Abdominal Breathing

Is In No Way Natural To The Body

Abdominal Breathing Is Killing The Kids…

: Lethargy
: Anxiety
: Hypoxia
: Fight or Flight
Abdominal Breathing Has Created An Epidemic…


An Epidemic Of Shallow Breathing,

While Millions Live On The Edge Of

Oxygen Deficiency.

Many Experience Only The Symptoms Of

Lethargy, Anxiety, And Depression.

 The Perfect Ingredients For Suicide,
 Mass Shootings Are A Form Of Suicide. 
We Lose Another Young Individual Approximately
Every Two Hours.
$100,000 To Anyone Proving Abdominal Breathing
As Being The Way We Were Designed To Breathe.
No One Will Even Try….


Evolution’s Breath®

The Undeniable Way We Were Designed To Breathe. Naturally  Avoid Shallow Breathing, Hypoxia, Fight Or Flight And Lung Lockup. All While Filling The Lungs As Mother Nature Intended, Every Cell Of The Body Will Appreciate It. 


Abdominal Breathing 

Promoted As The Most Natural Way To Breathe

I Challenge Anyone To Justify The Stretching of Abdominal Muscle 20,000 Times A Day.

I Challenge Anyone To Stretch “Tightened” Abdominal Muscle ONCE

We Were Designed To Fill Our Lungs With Every Breath
A Crucial Component Of Keeping The Body Young, Strong And Healthy

To Breathe Wrong, Is To Age Wrong

Next Topic: “Evolution And Anxiety, A Whole New Perspective”
There’s More To Anxiety Than Just Oxygen Deficiency.
We Breathe Wrong, We Eat Wrong, We Maintain Muscle Wrong.
And We Age Wrong, Decades Before We Have To.

It’s Time To Get Back To The Things That Work

Evolution’s Breath®